Carl Vaudrin produces music for artists and multimedia projects of many different backgrounds.

What is the unifying force behind all your collaborations?

I have a tremendous respect for creators. I always try to understand the artistic intent behind the projects I’m involved with. I’m the stubborn-guy who pushes his limits and digs tirelessly until he gets the signature sound that he’s aiming for. I believe that videogames, films or any type of art forms that includes music are carried along by the same motor: Emotion. Triggering the right emotion with music is what challenges me the most.

What is your style?

I try as much as possible to be fluent across genres, but I do have a passion for cinematic music, the one that brings pictures to your mind even when eyes closed. I’m not afraid of gigantic epic wall of sounds but will never hesitate to minimize the instrumentation to let the story or lyrics speak for itself. I will always let the project dictates what type of music is needed. My style is… finding the perfect sonic voice for every project.

Do you work remotely?

I definitively prefer a person to person meeting before and during a job assignment but understand that working in today’s music industry landscape doesn’t always allow such a luxury. I often work remotely!

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